Pebble smartwatch event set for January 6 at CES, team promises something special

Pebble Smartwatch Pebblis

This time last year, the Pebble team held a press conference at CES confirming it would ship the new smartwatch at the end of January, and provided a demonstration of the device itself. Now, nearly 12 months on at CES 2014, Pebble is to hold another event. Confirmed on its blog, we’re told that, “Something special this way comes,” and dedicated owners won’t want to miss the news. 

So what could it be? Well, we’re expecting two major announcements from Pebble. The first is the public release of version 2.0 of Pebble’s software. The Software Development Kit was unveiled at the beginning of November, and opened up several new Pebble features including data logging and the accelerometer. When first announced, v2.0 was expected to launch before the end of 2013, but delays have pushed that date into the new year.

Version 2.0 will also allow Pebble apps to make use of a data connection, enabling real-time updates and even location check-ins. This leads us on to the other possible announcement, the opening of Pebble’s dedicated application store. Confirmed a few weeks ago, the app store is due to open soon, and will be added to the standard Pebble application owners install on their smartphones. Inside we can expect apps from various developers, with GoPro, Foursquare, Yelp, and iControl all confirmed so far.

Will there be any surprises? There’s always a chance we’ll hear something unexpected, and as we’re a year on from the Pebble’s release, perhaps we could hear about Pebble 2? As with previous Pebble events, the whole thing will be live streamed for all to see, and it’ll take place at 11am PT on January 6. Don’t worry if that’s an inconvenient time to watch, we’ll be bringing you all the news as it’s revealed.