Pixifly is like a time machine for Instagram users

pixifly like time machine instagram users screen shot 2014 04 11 at 9 41 44 am

As you’re reading this, thousands of photos are being added to Instagram. Those photos don’t just occupy the newsfeed of followers. They also color in the lines of a map and timeline, which you can access with Pixifly. This new iOS app serves as a new way to search Instagram, opting to allow users to look for photos by place or time rather than hashtags.

Pixifly puts to use the extra data that accompanies photos to make Instagram shots more searchable and the world more explorable. It’s like having an Instagram time machine. You can travel to any place at any time (OK, any time since the creation of Instagram). Users can type in a physical address or a location name to see photos attributed to those locales. Adding a day or time can make the search even more specific.

We immediately thought this would be a great way to check out pictures from past shows at a music venue or browse photos of food at a restaurant before deciding to eat there. In a crowded downtown area, one could just take a look at photos nearby to see what’s happening and what looks like fun. The map is browsable and interactive so it’s easy to navigate around and check out photos from all over.

Given the fact that users can type in an address, there is some concern in terms of privacy. Odds are you aren’t taking too many embarrassing photos at home and posting them to Instagram, but there is still something a little creepy about knowing someone could type in your address and see all the photos you’ve snapped from home.

Pixifly is available for iOS devices for free. An Instagram account is required to use the service, and Pixifly allows users to like and interact with photos as they would through Instagram. Download it and give it a try, just please don’t be a weirdo about it.