Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset

When it comes to differentiating Bluetooth headsets in a market crowded with hundreds of competing models sporting nearly identical features, style is everything. Companies working the style angle with headsets usually strive for one of two design extremes: either making a headset as discrete, tiny and unobtrusive as possible, or as futuristic, flashy and eye-catching as possible.

Between these two divergent schools of design, the Plantronics Discovery 925 most definitely follows the latter. From its conspicuous color choices, to its unique V-frame design, the headset begs to be seen, but also packs a well-rounded feature set that would seem to warrant the attention.

Unlike the usual rectangular shape that more generic Bluetooth headsets often adopt, the BT 925 sports a carved-out midsection that makes it look a bit like a woman’s springy metal hairclip. This “V-frame,” as Plantronics calls it, forms a stubby boom for the microphone, while a rounded-edged box joins each bar of the V, forming the body of the headset. Chrome accents trim the Discovery 925’s edges, but the remaining surfaces come colored in a choice of black, gold, or cerise (a dark shade of pink that looks like it’s straight out of a makeup catalog).

Plantronics Discovery 925
Image Courtesy of Plantronics

Weight plays an important part in determining the long-term comfort of a headset, and the Discovery 925’s V-frame design contributes to its exceptionally low weight of just 8 grams. By contrast, the tiny Motorola Mini H9 weighs in at 7.5 grams, and the Bluespoon AX, which claims to be the world’s lightest headset, weighs 5 grams, and neither offer booms. Besides low weight to cut down on fatigue, Plantronics also includes three sets of self-stabilizing silicon eartips to tailor its fit to the individual ear.

The Discovery 925 also takes advantage of Plantronics’ new AudioIQ digital noise cancellation, which adjusts noise levels on both sides of the call, rather than merely the outgoing audio. For instance, in a noisy bar, the Discovery 925 will not only cut background noise by 7 to 8 decibels (about 50 percent) for listeners on the other end, it will also detect the noisy conditions and automatically boost volume level, quality and clarity with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology.

Keeping with the 925’s stylish nature, Plantronics includes a color-matched leather case to accompany each headset. Beyond looking suave and keeping the Discovery 925 safe, the case also serves as a discrete docking station for the headset to keep it charged-up and ready to go. After a full charge, Plantronics claims the Discovery 925 will deliver 5 hours of talk time, or up to 7 days of standby time.

For a device that insinuates itself into Prada bags and onto New York runways, it should come as no surprise that the device’s high-fashion demeanor comes with a high-fashion price to match: $149.95. But if you’re looking for a headset to go with your Christian Dior shirt or Armani suit, the Discovery 925 may just fit like your favorite Satya Paul tie. More information can be found at Plantronics’ Web site.