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The eyes have it: Samsung Pay will let you purchase items using your retina

samsung pay update masterpass galaxy s7 edge
Jeffrey Van Camp/Digital Trends
Looking to make a purchase? Thanks to Samsung Pay, that’s literally all you need to do.

The latest update to Samsung Pay allows consumers to pay with nothing more than their retina (that is to say, your eye). But there’s a catch — this feature only works if you have a Galaxy Note 7. And seeing as Samsung is currently in the midst of a rather large recall of these smartphones and their exploding batteries, you may want to make sure you have a safe version of the Note 7 before you go around letting it scan your eye.

In Samsung Pay version 2.3, consumers can do a number of cool things, though some of them are more of a server-side change than they are an app update. For example, Samsung Pay users can now “buy more of your favorite gift cards with Samsung Pay,” and the platform also “now accepts more of your favorite membership cards.”

True updates include the iris authentication feature, and Card Restore, which allows users to restore all membership, gift, and Samsung Reward cards upon signing back into Samsung Pay.

If you’re looking to update the app, simply open Samsung Pay, select the “More” button in the top right-hand corner, then navigate your way over to “Announcements.” From there, you can look into the “What’s new in 2.3” announcement to view the whole host of changes. And once you’re satisfied with this information, you can tap anywhere on the announcement to actually load the update page.

Samsung Pay has had a pretty impressive several weeks, including its recent announcement that it had handled 100 million transactions after just a year of activity. And while it may not be as big as Android Pay or Apple Pay, it’s certainly making its dent in the market, and retina scanning will certainly help.

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