Samsung to Produce Touch-Embedded AMOLED Panels

samsung-touch-amoledOn January 31, 2010, it was announced that Samsung Mobile Display will begin mass producing the world’s first touch function AMOLED panel starting in March. This product is known as Samsung’s 3.3 inch WVGA (480X800) resolution AMOLED.

Its characteristics include a touch screen component and a simple manufacturing process. Until now, touch screen products were made by separately connecting the display and the touch panel. However, Samsung placed a touch sensor (on-cell) over the mirror display and made it evaporate. The touch sensor’s thickness is 0.001 mm, which allows the screen to provide clear, high-quality images. This marks the first time that a touch sensor was placed over an AMOLED substrate.

A company representative stated, “Through mass production, we want to make this touch embedded AMOLED panel number one in the LCD and AMOLED market. Also, we want to mass produce touch screens and construct a system so that we can expand the display market.”