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SecretInk wants to be Snapchat for texting and email

secretink is snapchat for sms email secretlink

Have you ever wished you could send emails written in disappearing ink? SecretInk is the closest you’ll get to your dream of temporary messaging via email and SMS texting. It launched today and will allow users to send Snapchat-like messages that self-destruct after first viewing. If any of you remember Inspector Gadget … yeah, it’s kind of like that.

SecretInk is designed to offer a safe, secure way to send messages to colleagues via email and SMS or via a link you can share through chat. The channels for the messages are encrypted to insure the only eyes that view your text are the ones you attended it for. Once the text has been viewed, it is deleted and removed from the server, leaving no trace of its existence. According to PowerInbox, the company behind the service, it’s designed to “communicate passcodes, account information, or office gossip.” Women in the workplace fear not: It’s text-only so none of your co-workers will be able to attach unsolicited pictures of their junk to the message.

SecretInk is Web-based and mobile friendly. Users can choose to send messages via email, SMS, or link; enter the address or number of the intended recipient, an optional reply address, and the message; and hit send to pass off the secret communication. It could be a great way to share sensitive information, but will likely be the respite workers desperately need to release bottled up complaints about their annoying office mates. Either way, it serves a purpose.

Below is what it looks like to open a SecretInk message in Gmail. You can also open it on a phone and receive it via text, of course.

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