Review: Stop searching for new music and keep up with your favorite bands


Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, iTunes Radio, Shazam. The list of music discovery tools that a person can use has grown more extensive than your actual music library. It can get overwhelming. With music so available, it’s easy to catch yourself listening to songs, but failing to remember who sang them. If you’ve wandered too far astray and need to come back to some familiar tunes, is your solution. It’s designed to keep you in beat with your favorite artists so you don’t miss a moment of their music. It’s the rope to pull you back out of the rabbit hole of indie bands that you’ve tumbled down. provides users with updates from their favorite artists as they make their way around the globe on tour, release new tracks, and do anything else that may be of note to a hyper-obsessive fan boy or girl. It’s like if you took your news feed of liked artists on Facebook and put them in one, undisrupted place. (Conveniently, will do just that if you allow it to link up with the social network.) You get a live and regularly updated feed from your favorite musicians which, thanks to some of the sharing limitations that Facebook has implemented like requiring pages to pay to reach their full audience, may be a welcome service.

If you want to dive into a specific artist’s feed rather than the general one, you can do so with a tap. This hones in on the content specifically relating to that aritst, including things like tour dates, shared statuses on Facebook and Twitter, photos and videos from Instagram, and songs posted on SoundCloud. Music works in-app thanks to a built-in media player, so you won’t get pushed out to another app to take a closer look at multimedia.

Not every artist is going to be in place on to start. In fact, at the moment it’s mostly big name acts. We’re hoping more acts are added soon. But the content that the app pulls from those artists is great for their biggest fans. A live feed feature pulls in content shared by the artist and collected from backstage, on stage, and in the audience to put together a virtual experience as if you were there. You can watch the updates trickle in live or relive shows that happened, including ones you may have been at but want to see at a different angle. It’s an extra layer of access added to the experience that gives you the fun of a VIP pass without awkwardly holding out your sweaty palm while stammering when you’re standing in front of your idols.

Perhaps most interesting feed included within is the fan feed. With how easy it is now to remix a song or photoshop a picture or throw together a video, there’s tons of user-created content that is dedicated to artists. While the vast majority of it is probably more creepy than it is cool or productive (how many slideshows can one person make with pictures of Usher shirtless?), fan content is still an interesting layer to look at when checking out an artist. Plus, you never know when a particularly creative person will pop in with a new and catchy take on your favorite artist’s most recent single.

If you find yourself utterly obsessed with your favorite artists to the point that no matter what new music you hear, you still find yourself trekking back to the classics that you love and can sing every word to or if you’d just like to get a little behind the scenes content from some of the bands you like, is worth a download. As it expands its artist database, it’ll no doubt be a go-to option for keeping up to date with new releases, shows, and anything else worth knowing about a band. It’s easy to navigate, organizes content well, and adds a new dimension to fandom. is available for free from the iTunes App Store.


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