Don’t propose to your girlfriend yet! The Smarty Ring is on the way

smarty ring smartring

Diamonds and gold are so 2012. If you want her to say “I do,” you’re going to need to step up your game and add a little electricity to your proposal. Or, hey, we could make a Bilbo Baggins reference, too. This could be your One Ring! Am I right?!

Rings are cool and all, but let’s face it, they’re a little boring. Next to your smartphone, they just kind of sit there. Well, no more! The first smartring is here.

We’re not huge fans of most smartwatches available this year. None of them have proved useful enough to warrant their cost, and most of them are bulky and gaudy. If you’re with us, or if you just want more screens on your hand, you may want to know more about the Smarty Ring. Like you’d imagine, it’s basically a ring that shows you the time and a few other things.

Aside from a stainless steel, waterproof design, and an LED digital watch face, the Smarty Ring offers the following:

  • Incoming & outgoing call notifications
  • Alerts for Text and E-Mail messages
  • Real time updates from Facebook,Twitter, Hangout & Skype
  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls to preset numbers
  • Trigger camera
  • Control music
  • Change profile
  • Alerts if your phone is more than 30 meters away (even if in silent mode)
  • Control settings with an app

Of course, like your phone, you will have to take off and charge your smart ring each night. The Smarty Ring creators promise a wireless charging stand that will charge two rings and a phone. We aren’t quite sure how you will customize the ring face, but it looks like it can switch between notifications, time, and other features.

The only problem with the Smarty Ring is that it doesn’t exist yet. It has more than doubled its $40,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo and will soon move ahead, but it’s still a concept. We’ll update you when we finally see one that isn’t computer generated. According to the team, that will be around April 2014.