Heard of Tizen? It may just become one of the top five operating systems this year


Chances are, if you’re a tech aficionado, you’ve heard of one of this year’s new operating systems Tizen. But if you aren’t one that keeps up with daily details, particularly the not-so-big company announces, it’s not very likely that you have. But, if research group ABI is right, by the end of this year, Tizen will be as common a name as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

In a report released earlier today, the company predicted that, of the handful of open source operating systems debuting this year — which also includes Jolla’s Sailfish and Firefox’s highly anticipated release — Tizen will be the one to dominate the crowd.

Though it’s not even expected to be released until the third quarter this year, ABI predicts that Tizen, which is slated to debut on various Samsung devices next quarter, will quickly make its way to sit among the top five operating systems in the world.

Why Tizen above the others? ABI analyst Joshua Flood explained, “Tizen’s strong backing from Intel and Samsung will enable it to quickly outpace its other Linux mobile OS challengers.” He also points out that there are some markets, like the fast-growing one in Asia, that are actively looking for alternatives that will enable them to deviate from Android and iOS.

While shooting up to the top five operating system in the world is a big deal, Android and Apple’s dominance in the industry means that Tizen will still be a relative drop in a very large ocean. But over the course of the next five years, as people become more aware of the advantages that can come with open source operating systems, a real shift could very well be seen.

All this be said, we wonder: what are your thoughts? Would you be willing to switch from one of the top dogs to a new operating system? Let us know in the comments.