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True: Motorola CLIQ Firmware Updated Today

cliqWe’d like to give Tmo News a high-five for their  impressive sleuthing. The rumors flying around this morning from T-Mobile’s “unofficial” blog about a firmware update for the Motorola CLIQ are true. This morning Tmo News claimed a firmware update would be rolling out over the air for the CLIQ today to fix a variety of issues.  Engadget just recently reported that they’ve been receiving several tips for CLIQ users who have already snatched up the update.  So get excited CLIQ users—your smartphone just got kicked-up a notch.

Here are the Motorola CLIQ’s updates so generously summarized by Tmo News:

– Increased battery life when phone is idle or running application
– New battery management feature, customize battery settings, such as turning data off when phone idle for 30mins
– Improved bluetooth for pairing, audio/call connections
– Improved touchscreen accuracy and reduced inadvertent screen touch pick-ups
– TTY Options
– Better business/corporate connections
– Improved caller connectivity, repairs issues with lingering connections after hanging up a call
– Quick Office 2 added
– Accelerometer Enhancements with responsiveness and accuracy

And Tmo News recommends downloading/installing the update with a full battery/plugged in, and with a consistent 3G or WiFi connection active.

Download size: 8mbs

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