Updated: Can’t log into Twitter on Android or TweetDeck? You’re not alone

twitter outage december 2014 android tweetdeck down

Update by Joshua Sherman 12/29/14 2:20PM ET:

Twitter has announced that it has patched the issue plaguing Android and Tweetdeck users on its official status page. According to Twitter the issue had to do with a bug in their front end code, which has now been fixed.

Original Article:
If you use Twitter on an Android device or with Tweetdeck, you may have been wondering why you can’t log in or have had issues sending and receiving tweets. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Twitter appears to be having an outage for some users on mobile and Web applications, and is working to fix the issue.

Around 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, users who access Twitter on their Android devices were logged out of their Twitter account, prompting them to log in again. But when users tried logging back in, Twitter rejected their passwords, giving an error to “please try again later.” While it may appear something is wrong with your account, in reality Twitter is having a problem with letting users log in from some applications, including the official Android app, as well as  Tweetdeck. Some users, who are able to log in, are also having their current date appear as December 28 2015, instead of December 28 2014, making all posted tweets appear 365 days old, or more.

On its official status page, Twitter has made a statement, saying that it is aware of the issue and that its “engineers are currently working to resolve this [issue].” As this posting we’re still seeing log-in issues with Android users, while Tweetdeck users still see tweets appear 365 days old. Attempts to reset account passwords or interact prompt that Twitter is down for maintenance. However, Twitter service remains normal for desktop browser users.

Some Twitter Celebs, such as Wil Wheaton, are quick to poke fun at the bug.

We’ll keep you updated on when this issue has been resolved by Twitter and normal service has been restored.