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Joshua Sherman

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Joshua Sherman is a contributor for Digital Trends who writes about all things mobile from Apple to Zynga. Josh pulls his knowledge from years of experience using smartphones and tablets of all shapes and sizes, and has had his content featured on other top sites like MakeUseOf. Josh is a student at Vassar College.

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How to turn your smartphone into a spy camera or baby monitor

You don't need to spend a fortune if you're looking to monitor your home or child. In fact, simply retrofitting your old iPhone or Android device with the right app will allow you keep tabs while you're away.

Your wireless carriers are doing better, and we have the numbers to prove it

You know them; you hate them. Wireless carriers are rated among the worst companies, but they're doing better by their customers compared to a few years ago. We've crunched the numbers. Here's how much better off we are.

Earthquuuake! This app could warn you before the next big one hits

The odds of a major earthquake hitting the west coast in the coming years are high, and UC Berkeley Seismology lab is teaming up with the United States Geologic Service to create an app that will warn people about imminent earthquakes.

The ZTE Grand X Max 2 is an 8-core phablet that costs just $200

ZTE is back with another bargain phablet called the ZTE Grand X Max 2 for those interested in an 8-core smartphone with two rear cameras for only $200.
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Brazen Kickstarter scammer promised a $100 3D printer, built a house with funds

A Kickstarter campaingn that raised more than 600,000 Canadian dollars for a desktop 3D printer is telling its backers it's out of money, and that their investments were spent building a house in Saskatchewan rather than shipping out…

Earny tracks down price drops to save you money on past purchases

If you pay for your favorite stuff with a credit card, Earny's new iPhone app can alert you when the price drops on items you purchased recently, and automatically allows you to cash in on the savings ... for a price.