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Patent déjà vu: Nokia files suit against HTC in U.S. (again)

Good deal: MoviePass offers free month of movies for those who sign up by Friday

Larry Page talks about innovations, interoperation, technology in Google I/O keynote

android 4 3 is here spotted on googles development website 43jb 640x399

Android 4.3 is here, spotted on Google’s development website

A Google search has revealed links related to Android 4.3 hidden away on the website to likely be revealed sometime during the I/O developer conference.

Tablet sales on the rise, to surpass PCs by end of year

Amazon accidentally outs new 8-inch Acer Windows 8 tablet

How to wirelessly connect your Android phone and PC with AirDroid

Check out this colorful mockup for a possible future version of Gmail on Android

iPhone 5 Cydia

Meet the man running the jailbreaking market Apple doesn’t want you to use

Google shows off a new face for Google Play

Google is rolling out yet another new design of their Google Play service, and it will soon be available to Android users everywhere

Pandora touts 200 million listeners, continues to curb mobile listening

Pandora has reached its 200 millionth user, and that's a big milestone for the company. Despite this accomplishment Pandora still faces big risks.

Is the ‘Uncarrier’ working? T-Mobile gains subscribers for the first time in four years

We're all skeptical about if T-Mobile's new stunt as the Uncarrier is working, and these new numbers are suggesting some growht for the company

BlackBerry Z10 owners to get free in-flight Wi-Fi, courtesy of Delta

If you're planning to fly a lot in the coming months, and you're thinking about a BlackBerry Z10, then take a look at a new offer from Delta

TMI! BlackBerry 10 Messenger will tell your friends when you’re watching porn

BB10's new sharing feature seems to go a little too far, and shares your latest fav porn videos with friends too.

Apple patents a smart pen and iPhone with ‘wrap-around’ display

Apple has filed two new patents featuring a new smart pen design, as well as a "wrap-around" display for an iPhone

Blackberry Z10 lands in America with AT&T – Verizon and T-Mobile not far behind

Blackberry Z10 is finally arriving in America with AT&T, starting the final judgement on the company's future success or failure.

Galaxy S4 pre-orders almost 5 times greater than S3 at one store – Samsung must be doing something right

The Galaxy S4 pre-orders are, according to one retailer, 466% higher than the Galaxy S3, showing a lot of potential for the new smartphone
galaxy s4 software features header

Forget the Galaxy S4, get the same new software features with these apps instead

The Galaxy S4 is the new Samsung flagship, and it's really feature-rich, but a lot it brags about can be done with phones already out on the market.

New touch keyboard promises to simplify and revolutionize typing

Looking for a new keyboard to gives you back the screen real estate you want? Maybe it's time to consider Minuum

Pebble version 1.9 rolls out with new watch-face selector, and more

The new Pebble 1.9 update is out and it features a new watch-face menu, bugfixes, and prepares the smart watch for the much-desired SDK

Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5: Spec Comparison

Between Apple and Samsung there's certainly blood boiling. But when it comes to each of their flagship devices, which one reigns supreme?

Galaxy S4 features new S Translate feature, allowing instant local translation in nine languages

The Galaxy S 4 will be featuring S Translate, an intuitive translation software with support ofr nine languages

Intel releases ‘optimized’ Android 4.2 release, hinting it will dual-boot with Windows 8

While it's still a pre-alpha build, Intel has released a special Android build for Windows, suggesting we may not be far from dual-booting it with Windows

Mozilla says no Firefox for iPhone and iPad unless Apple amends its ways

Mozilla stated at SXSW that it won't be making Firefox for iOS in the foreseeable future, meaning iPhone and iPad owners are stuck with Safari for now
att defends cellphone unlock policy locked iphone 4

AT&T defends its unlock policy, saying it has a ‘Bottom Line’

AT&T made a press statement today defending its actions with unlocking cell phones, but customers aren't buying it.

Nexus 7 dock makes it way to Play Store for just $30, sells out quickly

The Nexus 7 dock has eluded buyers for months now, and today it popped up on the Google Play Store only to sell out in a matter of moments.
galaxy s iv rumors smartscreen hardware compare shot

More Galaxy S4 rumors emerge: May have a creepy ‘Smart screen’

The latest rumors are in for the Galaxy S IV, and they include not only new hardware details, but also info on the stalkerish smart screen feature

Japanese wireless company Willcom reveals tiniest phone ever

As Samsung and HTC make their gadgets bigger and better, Willcom is taking a moment to step back and see just how small its phones could be

Apple’s Lightning AV adapter is actually a computer, uses Airplay for TV-out, and has some problems

For once it seems Apple has a good excuse to charge so much for its AV adapter. However, the computer-powered device has one serious flaw inside too.

Never say never: HP returns to the tablet world, this time with a $170 Android tablet

HP has returned to the world of tablets, and this time they chose to go for a bare-bones Android tablet, rather than its failed WebOS TouchPad
mozilla flaunts firefox os at mwc

Mozilla flaunts Firefox OS with a host of European partners at MWC

Mozilla is showcasing its new Firefox OS at MWC, and while most OSes look to the walled garden, Mozilla wants an OS as open and free as possible.

Samsung announces Galaxy Note 8, an 8-inch tablet with iPad Mini in its sights

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been announced ahead of MWC, and its featuring beefier hardware, better software, and a smarter S-Pen

Tamagotchi’s Android app lets you relive 1996, but it’s mostly crap in retrospect

We go hands on with the new Tamagotchi app for Android by Bandai, and it brings an interesting taste of nostalgia to the smartphone experience

FCC: Wireless signal boosters are no longer allowed unless approved by your carrier

If you've been using a signal booster to increase your wireless device signal, you better turn it off. The FCC has put in new rules controlling their usage