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Not bad, but not great – Analyst estimates Nexus 7 sales as high as 4.8 million

The Nexus 7 is 9 months old, but we've yet to see the hard numbers from Google. But one analyst has done the math himself, and it's good, but not great.

Hold the phone! A third of all calls made are over Skype

Skype is seeing some impressive growth, and now has reached the milestone of representing a third of all global calling. Can Skype continue to stay strong?

Update: Google releases Google Now update with new widgets

Google Now might be getting widgets in the near future, at least that's Google's support documentation said before it was edited earlier this week.

Can the Nook keep Barnes & Noble alive in a post-paperback world?

Barnes & Noble late 2012 reports look grim, and the Nook's performance continues to flounder. Can the company do anything to save itself?

Surface Pro 128GB ‘sells out’ instantly, but customers aren’t buying it

Microsoft's Surface Pro went on sale this weekend and sold out instantly, but fans are crying foul, claiming that Microsoft has rigged its launch.

Things are getting sweeter for Sony Xperia owners. Android Jelly Bean is coming next month

The phone of James Bond will get a Jelly Bean update between now and March, giving Xperia owners everywhere new features and a faster device

Jailbreaking records: Envasi0n frees 7 million iOS devices in just four days

Apple continues to criticize the act of jailbreaking, but that isn't stopping the 7 million who just did it in the past four days

‘Gridlee’ sneaks a game emulator onto iTunes – get it while you can

Gridlee is a new app that nonchalantly entered the App Store last week, and it has a secret emulator that Apple has yet to discover

T-Mobile customers get ready! LTE devices could be coming in March

A roadmap has been leaked from T-Mobile, and it suggests that LTE-powered devices are coming to the carrier in late March.

HTC Thunderbolt users, you can stop crying! You’re getting Android 4.0

After nearly two years of waiting, HTC Thunderbolt users are catching a break. Verizon has pushed out its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update to everyone.

Blackberry and Samsung tease us with previews of Superbowl Ads

iPad still dominates tablet sales, but Android makes some inroads

Blackberry blowup

BlackBerry Apocalypse: 5 last-ditch options if BB 10 bombs

Pantech shows off 5.9-inch full HD ‘smartphone,’ bigger pockets sold separately

Sprint gets some Torque and adds LTE coverage

Kindle leads Android tablet market, but the Nexus 7 is gaining speed

Google sends FCC request to build “experimental radio network”

Bigger iPhone in 2013? Never mind! Digitimes retracts claim of bigger-screened device in 2013

t mobile disruptive mike sievert headshot

What is an ‘Uncarrier’? We ask T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Sievert

AT&T to buy remaining Alltel assets for $780 million

Nokia releases free case designs you print yourself – 3D printer sold separately

Nokia has released schematics community members can use to print their very own cases, marking an exciting new era of developer relations for the company

iPad sales may be slipping as demand shifts to iPad Mini (or Android)

Kobo touts millions of e-reader sales in 2012, despite lack of exposure

Simple app released for Android – part banking app, part banking assistant

asus steps up to the plate in emerging markets announces memo pad memo172 24  medium

Asus skips CES, announces $150 MeMo Pad tablet

galaxy s2 plus

Samsung unveils the Galaxy S2 Plus – are you confused yet?

Nokia’s gamble on Windows Phone finally pays off as mobile sales ‘exceed expectations’

Huawei announces smallest USB data card ever, and it’s not coming to America either

Panasonic expands Toughpad line, includes Win8 and Android tablets.

sports illustrated now available on the ipad mlb 2010

Pro sports and wireless carriers continue to entwine as T-Mobile partners up with MLB

Sesame Street and Star Trek features in new Qualcomm-powered technology

netgear unveils genie app update that lets you share wifi by qr code

Netgear’s updated Genie app lets you share Wi-Fi by QR code, and much more

On top of general product announcements, NETGEAR also unveiled major updates to come to its Genie software, including QR code-enabled WiFi sharing.

Asus’ Transformer Book is the first Ultrabook you can rip the screen off

HTC Q4 profit lowest in four years, blames marketing (again)