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Jailbreaking records: Envasi0n frees 7 million iOS devices in just four days


While Apple is hard at work stopping Google and Microsoft from eating away the company’s market share, another foe of the company, jailbreaking, has been harassing it from within. While Apple continues to plug every hole it can find that developers use to jailbreak through, it didn’t stop a record 7 million devices from doing it in the last four days alone. This latest jailbreak tool, Envasi0n, has not only broken records, but also won the hearts of millions if iPhone and iPad owners everywhere.

Apple’s devices are known everywhere for having a wide variety of apps and beautiful design, but one of the big flaws behind them is the walled garden Apple forces its customers into. The walled garden, as its name suggests, is a philosophy that no third party developers should have access to key components of iOS. More importantly, users cannot download applications unless they are approved and come from Apple’s App Store. Apple is so vehemently in favor of a walled garden that it took 3 years before users could even get wallpapers on their homescreen. There is only one way to get around the walled garden: jailbreaking.

The latest jailbreak release, known as Envasi0n, comes from one of several development teams working hard to find new exploits to jailbreak devices with. The concept of jailbreaking, once nothing more than an underground hack, has become mainstream in recent years, and statistics like these are showing just how big jailbreaking has become. Despite this popularity though, Apple continues to criticize those who do it.

Apple said it “strongly cautions” those who choose to jailbreak their devices with Envasi0n, and goes on to list a wide variety of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Sadly the list doesn’t include the risk of ripping apart time and space, but does go as far as to claim you will have more dropped calls, a weaker battery life, and make your iPhone “unstable.” Either way, remember it’s your device, and the law is even on your side. If you want to take advantage of what jailbreaking has to offer, the choice is yours.

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