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Simple app released for Android – part banking app, part banking assistant

Banking from your phone is nothing new. For years, you could dial in and make a transaction from a phone number, but these days almost all major banks offer their own mobile application on iOS or Android. A mobile app from a bank allows you to track your activity, make transfers, or even (for a select few) make deposits with your camera. Simple, a new and exclusive internet bank, has just released its own Android app onto the Play store.

The Simple mobile app has a clean and intuitive design much like many other top Android apps. Like any banking app, you can manage your activity, make transfers, and even deposit checks with your camera from anywhere. As an internet bank, having these features on a mobile app is absolutely essential these days. Another unique feature of Simple is the ability manage your “Goals,” Simple’s method of helping you finance your life with goal setting and telling you what amount of your money is spendable

Simple hopes to be the alternative bank you’ve been looking for by working with you, not against you, to help you finance your life. While it has very few bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from any bank, such as financing opportunities, credit cards, or even CDs, Simple claims it isn’t like any other bank by offering tools to help your better manage your money. The app took several months to develop and is a completely native program, and while we haven’t had a chance yet to see what the company offers behind its invite-only service, early reviews of the app are positive. While some banks just rehash iOS ports or even just direct users to a mobile version of their website, it’s nice to see a company investing heavily in their mobile services.

Simple maintains its value behind an air of exclusivity as an invitation-only service. While we’re not exactly sure how it matches up against other internet banks such as Ally or ING, you can still check out their app on Google Play. Then again, you won’t be able to see much without logging on. Even as it remains exclusive, Simple is a welcome member to the Android Army.

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