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13 megapixel laser focus camera lg g3

LG gets laser-focused about the G3’s camera, claims it is faster than blink of eye

With its new G3, LG claims the camera's autofocus system is faster than the blink of an eye, thanks to the use of laser technology.
John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile US, Inc.

The highs, lows, and uncertain future of T-Mobile as the ‘Uncarrier’

T-Mobile has been calling itself the Uncarrier of the wireless industry. 18 months later, is this really the case or is it all just a big markeitng move?
mothers day baby pictures in times square pic2screen mothersday opt

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Why not put your baby pics in Times Square

Mother's Day is this Sunday and that means its time to scramble for gifts. The digital signage firm Aerva is offering a special option this Mother's Day
7 inch phone comparison mediapad huawei

Battle of the Godzilla phones: Who’s king of the Android monsters?

With three massive 7-inch smartphones on the market, the era of fat phablets is upon us. The question though remains: Which one is the best?
xapo announces debit card pays bitcoins rsz 05

You can now buy a debit card you can load with your Bitcoins

Ever wanted to use your Bitcoins where they weren't accepted? If they take plastic, the with Xapo you can use your Bitcoins just about anywhere.
kids dont understand sony walkman reactions dt

Watch these kids get confused when they try to use a Sony Walkman

The Sony Walkman launched 35 years ago and has since paved the way for mobility and music alike. But what are the reactions you get about it from children?
google glass

Google Glass thievery begins: LA man’s eyewear stolen at taser-point

Google Glass is now on sale just a day after yet another theft of the iconic smartwear, this time near a cafe in Los Angeles with two suspects involved.
t mobile discount tablets lte legere 2

T-Mobile offers discount for tablets with LTE, and free Internet

T-Mobile has yet another Uncarrier idea on its mind. Now you can get LTE-powered tablets for the price of their Wi-Fi powered equivalents.
Javelin app

Javelin outclasses Chrome with one-handed gestures, ad blocking, built-in VPN

Looking to try a new browser on for size? Javelin is a brand new one that offers super fast browsing, a VPN, reading mode and more
microsoft cortana news spotted

Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’ Siri-competitor spotted ahead of Build conference

Microsoft's Siri-competitor, Cortana, will be finally announced at Microsoft's BUILD conference. We caught sight of it ahead of Build on a Bing webpage.
smartmat detects packages visitors automates home floormat

SmartMat can tell you when someone’s at the door, and turn on the TV for you

Ever wondered what life is like with a smart doormat? SmartMat is here to answer that question with a special pressure-sensitive mat design.
Google Android Wear

5 things Android Wear must improve to send smartwatches mainstream

Google has announced its new Android Wear OS along with two manufacturers backing it. What will it take for Android Wear to be a great smartwatch?

Google patents radial menu: Android could get its own right mouse click

Google appears to be interested in a radial menu design for Android, based upon a new patent discovered detailing the very technology.
Google Play Press Conference

Google Play to get gaming leaderboards, friend gifting, and more

Google is looking to ramp up functionality on Google Play, announcing a slew of new features at the GDC including leaderboards and gifting via social media
Samsung Galaxy S5 ultra power saving mode

Play games for longer on your Galaxy S5, thanks to software trickery from Lucid (Updated)

The Galaxy S5 is getting a boost in its ability to last all day thanks to Lucid's PowerXtend. It allows devices to use much less juice for the same computing power
pebble app store finally for android appstore

Pebble finally launches new app store for Android

After months of waiting, Android users can finally enjoy the same new Pebble app store experience as iPhone owners have been in February.
250 flappy bird clones reportedly contain malware

More than 800 Flappy Bird clones still exist: Here are a few of our favorites

According to ZEDGE, more than 800 Flappy Bird clones exist, some of them with some absolutely ridiculous names. We found a few you just have to see
galaxy s5 knockoff goophone

Just days after Galaxy S5 launch, Goophone makes a knockoff

It might look like Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone, but it's far from it. This knockoff smartphone from Goophone has weaker hardware and unforeseen woes.
samsung trashed by htc during keynote twitter

As Samsung unpacked the Galaxy S5, HTC trash talked on Twitter

While Samsung was busy unpacking its brand new, shiny Galaxy S5, HTC took to Twitter to start dissing the major smartphone maker

Nanotips uses nanotechnology to make any pair of gloves touch-friendly (Updated)

Sick of the few and pricey touch-enabled gloves there are on the market? Maybe it's time to get your hands on Nanotips
sandisk announces 128gb microsd

Sandisk crams 128GB into a microSD card the size of your fingernail – and it ain’t cheap

Sandisk has found a way to cram the storage capacity of an solid state drive into a memory card the size of your fingernail: 128GB
microsoft sell cheap phones china win8

Microsoft takes aim at China to boost Windows Phone

The emerging markets around the globe are starting to attract more and more competition. Microsoft has announced plans to offer cheap phones in these areas
firefox os returns 25 smartphone mwc 2014

Firefox OS returns with new mid-range devices, $25 smartphone and more

Mozilla has returned to MWC with Firefox OS. This time the company is showing off a slew of new phones, a $25 smartphone design and more.
htc advantage free screen replacement red  gold and silver ones fanned

Breaking news: HTC will replace your phone screen for $29 if it shatters

thinkgeek watch is an arcade

This wristwatch has a classic arcade cabinet mounted to it

ThinkGeek thinks it has found its target market with this crazy watch shaped like an arcade machine, It looks hideous but it's certainly a novelty watch.
iOS vs Android

The average Android phone is now half the price of an iPhone

According to the IDC, the average Android device is more than half the price of an average iOS device. While this is interesting news, it's also skewed.
t mobile changes jump policy tmojump

T-Mobile Jump plans are a bad deal thanks to new rules

T-Mobile has dramatically changed its policy with the radical JUMP upgrade policy. After Feb. 23 users must pay for half the device before upgrading
even sesame street cloned flappy bird bert

You can now play a Sesame Street Flappy Bird clone, and it’s addictive

In case you thought the dozens of other Flappy Bird clones were enough, Sesame Street has made one too - they call it Flappy Bert.
verizon nexus 7 valentines day dt nexus7

Verizon gets the Nexus 7 in time to geek up our Valentine’s Day

Verizon's LTE network is now going to be officially Nexus 7 friendly in time for Valentines Day. The carrier is making it available starting this week.
best superbowl ads 2014 muppets terry crews toyota super bowl ad

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Here are the best ads from The Big Game

att mobility patent bad for net neutrality ralph

AT&T patents a new way to skirt net neutrality on its wireless network

t mobile doesnt want buying ipad air 2 stores good reason legere

T-Mobile CEO John Legere trash talked other carriers during the entire Super Bowl

T-Mobile along with its CEO John Legere spent the entire game rooting for the Seahawks and trashing the competition.
more exploding iphones iphone again

Exploding iPhones take two more victims: Here’s how to avoid joining them

It sounds like smartphone battery woes are creeping up again. Two separate incidents in the past week report exploding or swelling iPhones,
htc one problems comparison top macro 2

HTC One owners, get ready for an Android 4.4 KitKat update!

HTC's flagship smartphone, The HTC One, is coming close to a Android 4.4 KitKat release according to the developer portal.