Sandisk crams 128GB into a microSD card the size of your fingernail – and it ain’t cheap

sandisk announces 128gb microsd

Between high-def movies, action-packed games, and endless albums, people have plenty of ways to fill up the space on their smartphones. Sandisk, however, aims to abate that problem with its latest innovation in miniaturized storage: the micro-sized, yet incredibly high-capacity, 128GB microSD card.

Yep – you read that right: 128GB. A microSD card with enough storage to match a decent solid state drive (SSD). We’re not sure if it involves magic or the dark arts, but Sandisk has announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona what some would think to be a ridiculous amount of storage for something so small.

The storage card is perfect for those with a tablet or smartphone whose 64GB of storage just wasn’t meeting their needs. According to Sandisk, the memory card is rated as a class 10 card, meaning it can handle recording of HD video without breaking a sweat. It also has a sustained read speed of 30 MB/s, which would means it could take a while to copy over a large batch of files. Still, if you need microscopic storage that’s also waterproof, x-ray proof, and shock proof, this is it.

All that micro-sized storage comes at a price though: $200 to be exact. We’re not sure who’d fork out that much cash, but we sure hope they never accidentally drop the tiny memory card that’s smaller than a fingernail. If you’re down to pony up the cash for one though, you should be able to grab one sometime this week at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.