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This wristwatch has a classic arcade cabinet mounted to it

thinkgeek watch is an arcade

Where there’s a novelty, there’s a watch for that. We’ve all see the many ways people bring the classic arcade cabinet back to life, but this one has to take the cake in ridiculousness. ThinkGeek, purveyor of many geek novelty toys, has just revealed a watch that looks like a miniature arcade cabinet on your wrist.

While the bulky, 1970s gaming machine made up the childhood of millions of adults, this watch may bring back the nostalgia at the cost of your wrist. It’s made up of a stainless steel arcade cabinet strapped to a leather wristband. It features a button that, when pressed, lights up the display and makes what ThinkGeek says is a “Pew pew PEW!” sort of noise. It also has a joystick, though it doesn’t do anything unless “use your imagination” counts. But it does tell the time.

This clunky analog watch will set you back $60, and it isn’t rechargeable, so you’ll have to break out the button cell batteries when the Pew Pew sound dulls to a pew. We’re not sure if this watch is worth three Jacksons, but hey, it’s still pretty cool.

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