T-Mobile offers discount for tablets with LTE, and free Internet

t mobile discount tablets lte legere 2

Have you been thinking about buying a new tablet? If so, you may want to check out T-Mobile starting this Saturday, April 12. According to a new press release from the “Uncarrier,” it will offer all of its LTE-powered tablets at the same prices as their Wi-Fi only counterparts, which will save customers up to $130 per device. 

T-Mobile will also give subscribers an additional 1GB of free Internet data for each tablet they add to their account – even if it isn’t one they purchase from T-Mobile. This means T-Mobile customers with a tablet get 1.2GB of free Internet a month at LTE speeds through the end of 2014.

“With this announcement, T-Mobile’s launching a full-on assault against the restrictions and pain points that keep tablet owners from experiencing life beyond the Wi-Fi zone,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. “The Un-carrier is all about solving pain points, and today we’re eliminating every reason to be stuck on an unconnected Wi-Fi-only tablet. There’s no longer any need to limit the use of your tablet because you’re intimidated by Big Blue, Bad Red or Bumbling Yellow.”

This “freemium” approach to internet access on tablets is unique. No other carrier in the U.S. offers free LTE to tablet owners, which is something T-Mobile started back in October. T-Mobile wants more customers on board with LTE, so they’re now extending a discount to get more tablet-owners on the LTE network.

T-Mobile hopes to complete its network overhaul by next year, offering LTE service wherever it offers standard 3G service today. Who knows just what the magenta-colored carrier will try next.