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T-Mobile CEO John Legere trash talked other carriers during the entire Super Bowl

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We all know T-Mobile’s CEO has attitude. Whether he’s writing rude press releases or getting kicked out parties, John Legere doesn’t care who he offends, especially if it’s any of the other big carriers. Both Legere and his Twitter PR army were hard at work during the Super Bowl promoting the new T-Mobile ad featuring Tim Tebow, and also taking a few cracks at the other carriers.

The first half of The Big Game was real rough for the Broncos. Legere capitalized by insulting AT&T via Twitter, comparing its ability to get customers in the door to the current Broncos score of 0.

The Bruno Mars halftime show wasn’t off limits either.

Legere even dissed Sprint, a company he said he wouldn’t mind being CEO of just last week if it and T-Mobile merged. He compared its ability to get customers to switch based on a new family plan it was promoting during The Super Bowl.

But it doesn’t stop there. T-Mobile’s corporate Twitter account constantly hates on AT&T, and it looks like it was doing the same during the event. Onion Sports jokingly referenced to former Broncos player Tim Tebow, who was the focus of T-Mobile’s #nocontract ads during the night.

That’s not all though – The PR team also took the time to poke fun at the halftime show, and how the Red Hot Chili Peppers were reminding them of a certain other halftime event 10 years ago.

Is all the hate worth the few hundred retweets and favorites? T-Mobile and its CEO John Legere have been trash talking left and right on social media like Twitter since he took the post back in January 2013. It certainly fits with the whole Uncarrier vibe he’s trying to give off, but it could hurt merger talks with Sprint.

In the end these are all billion dollar companies, so don’t be so quick to be fooled by Legere’s antics that he’s really hating or loving AT&T – after all he worked for the company as a bigwig for a number of years. It’s fun to watch, but remember to measure a company by its actions, not its words.

Still, AT&T and Sprint may not have deserved it, but Broncos … where were you?

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