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Looking for a Mother’s Day gift? Why not put your baby pics in Times Square

mothers day baby pictures in times square pic2screen mothersday opt

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. As many scramble over the weekend to find the perfect gift for their mothers, why not show Mom your baby pictures in Times Square?

As part of its ongoing “Picture to Screen” project, the digital signage firm Aerva is offering visitors to the iconic New York area a chance to show their mother’s their love with a rather unique gift. From now through Mother’s Day, Aerva and Clear Channel Spectacolor has setup a special digital sign right in Times Square for people to send photos to. By sending an email to or tweeting @AervaNYC, people can have a photo of their choice — whether it be a baby photo, family selfie or something else — posted up for everyone in Times Square to see, which would be a great surprise to share if your family happens to be walking by. Best of all, the service is free.

Even you’re not in New York to make it for the grand appearance, Aerva has a camera standing by to snap the moment and share it back to you via e-mail or Twitter, so even at the least your mother will know she had her name in shining lights, even if you couldn’t make it to New York for the grand premier. The billboard is located just above the CNN banner, to the left of the NASDAQ MarketSite building.

The Picture to Screen project has brought all kinds of interactivity to New York’s cultural center on 42nd Street. Just a few months ago Aerva partnered with HTC to bring together more than 54,000 crowdsourced photos to help make a unique advertising campaign for the company’s new line of smartphones. Aerva has worked with a number of other companies, all on campaigns about bringing users content into the advertising world.

So if you’re looking for something a little different to highlight this Mother’s Day, why not try this out? It’s a whole lot cheaper than buying out a billboard for the weekend.

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