Google Glass thievery begins: LA man’s eyewear stolen at taser-point

google glass

Google Glass is all over the new this week thanks to its big one-day sale on Tuesday (it sold out), but it’s not all good news for eyewear. An owner of Google Glass had his own pair stolen at a cafe in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles by a man wielding a taser.

Two suspects approached the Glass-wearer, demanding the iconic gadget as well as his laptop before running off, apparently threatening to harm him with a taser.

Last Friday, a reporter in Sacramento also had his pair of Google Glass stolen, but this time it was right off his face. He claims someone came along and snatched the lightweight eye-wear from his face as he was walking. There is software available to track the $1,500 Android-powered gadget, but it only works when they’re connected to the Internet.

Google has a patent at work to perhaps help deter future Glass burglary attempts, but right now only an added app can help Glass owners deter theft of their expensive hardware. Still, like any expensive electronics or jewelry, Glass is a likely target for thieves because of its high price and small size.

Let this be a caveat emptor to any of our readers thinking about buying Google Glass today: Buy insurance!