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As Samsung unpacked the Galaxy S5, HTC trash talked on Twitter

samsung trashed by htc during keynote twitter

On Monday, Samsung announced its Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. While Samsung was busy showing off what it could do, one of its competitors, HTC, was taking the opportunity to sling some mud with the help of Twitter.

During the Unpacked 2014 keynote, HTC was apparently watching it closely, taking an opportunity to diss the new smartphone on Twitter in a matter more like a certain wireless company than the Taiwanese manufacturer of the HTC One, Desire, and other smartphones. Near the end of the event, HTC made it clear to its 990,000 followers that it was not a fan of the Galaxy S5

HTC also took the opportunity to retweet some interesting, pro-HTC tweets it found during and after the keynote.

To follow the Twitter antics, HTC has also begun to release a number of new videos in preparation for the reveal of its new flagship smartphone, a new member of the HTC One family. One such video brags about not just the high tech behind The HTC One’s BoomSound but also the crazy idea of putting the speakers in the front of the device.

It’s clear that HTC wants to give itself a new look around the world.  Last week, it revealed  a brand new extended warranty for select devices called HTC Advantage, offering a free screen replacement if your crack it on your device.  HTC also launched a new line of Desire smartphones, and is preparing to unleash its own smartphone in late March.

This is all likely part of HTC’s three-year, $1 billion initiative to win back the many customers is has lost. HTC’s  revenue is down more than 60 percent from its peak in 2011, and it’s clear the company is hurting. We can’t blame them for trying to win back customers at all costs, though we’re not sure pulling a T-Mobile is the best route.

Samsung has yet to try and start a Twitter war over all of this, possibly because it’s taking the high road. We have to admit we’d be a little curious to see what Samsung might consider doing HTC’s keynote in late March. After all, Samsung has five times as many followers.

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