You can now play a Sesame Street Flappy Bird clone, and it’s addictive

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Last Sunday Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong took down his wildly popular app Flappy Bird from the App Store and Play Store, and since then we’ve seen dozens of clones pop up, mimicking the simple, yet very popular game. Now Sesame Street has joined the action with Flappy Bert.

This Flappy Bird clone features the popular Muppet character Bert being carried around with the help of a little blue bird. If you make past one of the rainbow-colored pipes, Bert will laugh. If you hit a pipe, he shouts out in despair for Ernie, his close friend who doesn’t appear to be in the game.

The game was quickly put together by The Sesame Workshop, a non-profit that develops many of the Sesame Street-themed games and apps out there. It was spotted yesterday and is already winning the hearts of Sesame Street and Flappy Bird fans alike. The game is built from HTML and we’re guessing isn’t a real project – just something they made to join in with all the Flappy Bird insanity.

Insanity continues to be the right word, too: While Dong reaffirms a big reason he pulled the game was to stop it from addicting people, others think it was part of a big marketing ploy to get more people on board with Flappy Bird (before it was taken down) and the other apps Dong makes. We’ll let you decide just why he did it, but in the mean time you can enjoy this game or one of the many other clones out there.

Don’t bother trying to buy a $100,000 Flappy Bird iPhone from eBay either. The seller removed them. Phones must be wiped before being sold, meaning copies of Flappy Bird are removed.