Pro sports and wireless carriers continue to entwine as T-Mobile partners up with MLB

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T-Mobile’s CES 2013 keynote wrapped up earlier today, and while all eyes are on the new “Uncarrier” philosophy, the carrier is toting, another big announcement: a new marketing deal with MLB. That makes T-Mobile the third major carrier to make a new sports-related deal; are we starting to see a pattern here?

While Sprint and Verizon have had iron-tight relationships between NASCAR and the NFL respectively, both took the liberty of showing a tighter relationship at work for 2013 during CES. Sprint showed off its buddy-buddy relationship through some heavily-branded Qualcomm enhancements at its keynote. Verizon, meanwhile, took the liberty of reaffirming its relationship with the NFL, and promised to broadcast the 2014 Superbowl all over the US through 4G LTE. Sprint’s new relationship was seen through Qualcomm’s new tech, which allows a HUD and detailed look at the cars as they race from your tablet. It’s already is on top of new branding rights for the renamed Sprint Unlimited exhibition.

T-Mobile claims that the new tech should allow fans to get a closer look than ever at the dugout, and give you a better way to view the games and interact with the experience. It’s just another example of the social media element, and how it has grown to bond with long-standing traditions like professional sports. While an MLB At Bat app already exists for each season, we’re guessing T-Mobile will have something cooked for its customers in the near future.

But, there’s another thought is on our minds: Where’s AT&T? Is it going to grab the NHL, or the NBA?