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T-Mobile customers get ready! LTE devices could be coming in March

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A leaked roadmap listing a bunch of upcoming T-Mobile products has been spotted in a haze of pixels over at TmoNews. The roadmap is suggesting the launch of LTE smartphones, hotspot devices, as well as the BlackBerry Z10 by the end of March. This launch will finally bring T-Mobile into the ongoing LTE war between AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

If you’ve not been paying much attention to T-Mobile this year, then you’ve probably not seen its Uncarrier movement take off at its CES keynote. Since then, the company has been trying everything it can to prove to people it’s the most hip, cool, and smart way you can get a wireless plan. To match its new style, T-Mobile has introduced a variety of new wireless plans and features, but most importantly, has also brought forth ambitious plans to roll out LTE to 100 million Americans by mid-year, and 200 million by end of year. In keeping with this plan, the leaked road map suggests that the carrier will make its big first launch announcement by the end of March, introducing several new devices and hotspots to compliment its rapid LTE expansion.Screen-Shot-2013-02-04-at-10.18.11-AMwtmk

According to the roadmap, T-Mobile will be revealing on March 20th a new LTE-powered hotspot device, the Sonic 2.0, as well as an LTE-fueled Galaxy S3. The roadmap is also showing the BlackBerry Z10 to be a part of the big release, not to mention a new “mystery” device, the Samsung T599 Galaxy Exhibit.  Nobody’s quite sure what the Galaxy Exhibit is, but rumors are that it might be a miniature variant of the Galaxy S3. 

Sadly, no pricing has been leaked along with the devices, and the iPhone 5 is missing from the roadmap, too. Whether T-Mobile will get its iPhone sooner or later than March is unknown, but it does appear that LTE is just around the corner.

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