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T-Mobile’s newest plans are exciting for new (and old) customers

T-Mobile has just unveiled a new set of plans and perks to help both new and current customers break free of lengthy device contracts while guaranteeing you’ll be able to get the best deals available on phone upgrades every two years.

Significantly, with the new plans, the “Un-carrier” promises equal treatment for all customers, whether they’re coming over from another carrier or have been using T-Mobile’s services for years. That’s in contrast to the limited-time offers of its rivals, which often ignore their most loyal subscribers in an effort to entice others to switch carriers.

T-Mobile smartphone.
Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images

“Ten years ago, we started the Un-carrier movement by ridding the industry of two-year service contracts. A decade after that first Un-carrier move, the Carriers are still focused on trying to lock customers down,” T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said in the company’s press release.

“At T-Mobile, we just think differently. We’re focused on being the provider you choose, not the one you’re stuck with. That’s why we created Phone Freedom … because every wireless customer deserves more freedom and fairness they can count on.”

Introducing T-Mobile’s newest plan — Go5G Plus

T-Mobile is calling the new plan Go5G Plus, which it describes as a “supercharged version” of Magenta MAX, offering everything that plan has to offer, plus larger high-speed data allotments of 50GB for hotspot use and 15GB for roaming in Mexico and Canada — three times more than what’s included with Magenta MAX.

The key benefit to Go5G Plus is T-Mobile’s “New In Two” promise, which guarantees customers are eligible to upgrade to a new device at least every two years for the life of the plan with the same device pricing that’s offered to new customers. T-Mobile also promises these won’t be limited-time offers, so you don’t need to worry about being pressured into upgrading early for fear of missing out on the best deals.

T-Mobile is also sweetening the pot by offering customers switching to Go5G Plus a free 5G phone valued up to $830 with an eligible trade-in — and that includes at least some old phones up to six years old. What’s more, the whole family can take advantage of this offer, which means you could get up to four free phones — as long as you have enough eligible phones to trade in, of course.

Easy Unlock for AT&T customers who want to switch

That’s not just limited to unlocked phones, either. In what the T-Mobile calls an effort to help AT&T customers “make their great escape,” T-Mobile will not only still offer a prepaid Mastercard to pay off up to $650 of your existing phone contract, but now it will take your eligible locked device as a trade-in in exchange for a free smartphone.

As T-Mobile marketing chief Mike Katz puts it, “AT&T’s unlock process rivals a trip to the DMV, so we’re helping their customers avoid the aggravation. For the first time ever, we’re not just taking locked phones off people’s hands — we’re also sending people home with a free smartphone on America’s most awarded 5G network.”

While T-Mobile promises that it won’t ever make limited-time offers on normal upgrade pricing, that’s a trickier promise to make when it comes to trade-ins. So, it’s not surprising that the company says it’s only offering Easy Unlock for a limited time; it hasn’t said exactly how long that will be, but if you’re thinking of switching, it’s best to take advantage of it soon.

More savings across the board

MLS Season Pass on T-Mobile Tuesday app.

On top of guaranteed upgrades and great trade-in values, the premium Go5G Plus plan offers up to $270 in other perks for subscribers with two or more lines, including full subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV+, Scam Shield protection, free high-speed data in over 215 destinations, and quite a bit more, like a free 2023 MLS Season Pass subscription.

For those who don’t need everything offered by the top-of-the-line plan, T-Mobile is also launching a standard Go5G plan for those who just want more data than what’s offered by Magenta, along with additional Go5G and Go5G Plus plans for small businesses, customers 55 and over nationwide, and military families.

T-Mobile is also keeping its Magenta, Magenta MAX, and Essentials plans in the mix with the same device deals across the board — including a free 5G phone with a trade-in in any condition. It’s also dropping the price on its Essentials plan with a new promotional Essentials Savings plan that goes as low as $25 per line for a family of four and offers up to $240 in annual savings for families. Like T-Mobile’s other plans, this includes the Price Lock guarantee that T-Mobile won’t raise the regular rates for talk, text, or data.

T-Mobile 5G nationwide network advertisement.
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Lastly, T-Mobile is so sure that you’ll love its 5G network that it’s willing to put its money where its mouth is with a new “Go Back Guarantee.” This “fail-safe option” provides $50 per voice line to customers who change their minds within 30 days to help defray the cost of the first month’s bill.

T-Mobile’s new Phone Freedom plans will be available starting April 23, including the Go5G and Essentials Savings plans, Go Back Guarantee, Easy Unlock, and trade-in promos. Easy Unlock and Essentials Savings are only available for a limited time.

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