BlackBerry Z10 owners to get free in-flight Wi-Fi, courtesy of Delta


Companies are always trying to conjure up the most tantalizing offers to get you to buy a certain smartphone, especially when those offers have little to do with the phone itself. This time around, Blackberry is teaming up with Delta, and offering passengers on Delta flights free in-flight Wi-Fi if they own a Blackberry Z10 or one of the other new Blackberry 10 smartphones.

Wi-Fi is a pretty standard feature among all smartphones, but having the ability to access Wi-Fi is easier said than done. While everyone from coffee shops to Internet service providers try to show off the all-important free Wi-Fi symbol to increase business, it’s a little off-beat to see a manufacturer and an airline team up. The Wi-Fi service in question is Delta’s Gogo Wi-Fi, which offers up extremely slow internet on domestic flights in return for a pretty penny. Delta is offering this service at no extra charge if you connect to it with your Blackberry Z10, though we’re not sure why BlackBerry and Delta are offering it in the first place. While a smartphone isn’t the most enjoyable way to experience the Internet on a flight, free Internet while flying coast to coast is better than no Internet at all.

Delta’s Complimentary Wi-Fi appears to have no limit, so long as you’re on a domestic flight in the U.S. with Delta, which can mean some seriously good news for the out-and-about BB10 owner, as long as you’re cool with killing your phone’s battery while in the air. Delta has not said how long it will run this promotion, but if you’re a huge Delta flyer, you may want to keep the BlackBerry Z10 in mind when you are looking for a new phone.