Good deal: MoviePass offers free month of movies for those who sign up by Friday


Some people think going to the movies is going out of style. As far as MoviePass sees it though, unlimited visits to the theater is the way of the future. The special, all-you-can-watch service is temporarily ending its wait list and opening its doors to everyone this week.

MoviePass is a one-of-a-kind service that is like Netflix for your movie theaters. With it you can visit any movie theater in the United States and watch one movie a day for a single monthly price. Since launching last year, the service has been an invitation-only venture that offered up monthly, three-month, and annual memberships. However, the company has ended the invitation-only period for a limited time, allowing anyone to sign up for the unique service. Those who choose to opt in for a whole year by Saturday, May 25 (12:00 a.m.), get a whole month free, saving them about $30.

While services like Netflix and HBO Go see things like the movies and TV become less and less popular in favor of online streaming, MoviePass instead thinks all the money is still in movie theaters and their dedicated audiences. In an in-depth interview with Digital Trends back in March, MoviePass CEO Stacy Spikes talked all about its goals and how it looks to incorporate more than just cheaper movie tickets, but also encourage additional sales, discounts, and other benefits to users. Spikes also talked about his plan to utilize research and data about his MoviePass users to help improve the movie experience and offer more to his customers.

MoviePass is still in its infancy, but if the service sees a lot of new customers for the coming summer blockbusters, it might very well become a seriously big trend among those who love the movies and are willing to pay up-front for a cheaper bottom line. However, it still, like every form of media, has to fight the big war between television, theaters, and streaming.