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The must-have Pebble Time apps, watch faces, and games for your wrist

Pebble Time
Malarie Gokey/Digital Trends
The Pebble was one of the first major smartwatches to hit the market, long before the Apple Watch and Android Wear secured a spot on our wrists. The Pebble Time launched a new look, with the same great battery life, a color display, and rounded bezels. Several new models have followed since then, along with a slew of apps spanning several distinct categories. Here, we’ve picked the ones that we think showcase the versatility and potential of the Pebble series.

To find any of the many watch faces listed below, simply open your Pebble app for Android or iOS, and search for the app’s name. The watch faces can be found in the “watch faces” section, while everything else is in the “app” category. While the watch faces are compatible with all operating systems, keep in mind that some Pebble Time apps require additional third-party OS apps, and may only work on Android or iOS.

Watch faces

These watch faces all offer great style. Pick the ones you think will best complement your Pebble Time’s look and feel.


Straight Thumb 2
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Straight is just as the name sounds: This smartwatch face cuts to the chase with a clear, simple, easy way to tell the time, date, and weather.

BCD Minimalist

Binary Watchface pebble app
Simply reading an analog or digital output of time is too easy for some. Luckily, there’s a binary watch face option out there for individuals who are so inclined.


TH3 WF, pebble app
It’s hard to make an analog watch look good on a square display, but TH3 manages to accomplish it with its sleek clock that comes in a plethora of colors.

Tick Tock Weather

TT Weather WF, pebble app
Tick Tock Weather is perhaps the most immersive watch face for the Pebble Time. It doesn’t just tell you the time and weather, it shows you, with cartoonish animations that blend beautifully with the Pebble Time’s design.

Forecast Weather

Forecast Weather, pebble app
Forecast Weather is another weather-based watch face that channels your inner meteorologist. It shows weather, time, and date at-a-glance; but it can also reveal in-depth historical data, forecasts, barometric pressure, and other info from your local weather station.

Daily Steps

Daily Steps WF, Pebble app
The Daily Steps watch face makes keeping up with your fitness activity as simple as checking the time. Rather than having to load an app every time you want to view your daily metrics, this watch face illustrates your activity alongside a 24-hour clock. The watch face even makes it possible to compare today’s activity with that of the previous day.


best apps pebble
Timely shows all your important information at a glance. It showcases the time and date, as well as your watch’s battery status, connection, and charging indicator. The watch face’s best feature, however, is its monthly calendar. All the display items, date format, and style are configurable via the settings menu, rendering Timely one of most versatile watch faces available.

Mario Time

best apps pebble
This Mario watch face is as fun as it is functional. Mario jumps every minute, hitting the boxes and changing the time, and the background changes from black to blue to reflect the time of day. The watch face can also show the weather and battery level, as well as as the battery level of your smartphone via a companion app for iOS and Android.


What do you turn to on a daily basis? These apps for the Pebble are the “super useful” ones that help make your day-to-day life that little bit easier.


glance pebble app
If you own a Pebble and an Android device, you have to use Glance — enough said. This app offers dozens of features from weather to custom watch faces and more. It’s now updated for the Pebble Time’s color interface.


UBER pebble app
Uber is the must-have taxi app that now lives on your wrist. Hail a ride, track its arrival, and get all the info about your trip right from your Pebble.


pandora pebble app
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With the Pandora app, all of your favorite artists are just a touch away. It allows you to easily search by genre, artist, or song, so you can find a tune for virtually any occasion.


ESPN pebble app
ESPN has updated its app for the new Pebble Time, throwing in a crisper, more colorful display to get game highlights, track game day scores, and more.

Wikipedia Nearby

WIKI Nearby pebble app
Wikipedia boasts a wealth of information, and this app brings a location-based Wikipedia to your wrist. Learn about interesting nearby landmarks while waiting for the bus, or discover something you never knew before.

Tools and Utilities

It may not look like a Swiss Army Knife, but these tools and utilities for your Pebble Time can add a ton of functionality for the smartwatch.


Quick Auth Pebble app
One great way to add a level of security to your accounts is to get two-factor security, requiring a secondary code when you log in. This Pebble Time app supports Google, among other two-factor solutions, and is a must have for convenience and added account security.

Pebble Dialer

Pebble Dialer
Pebble Dialer is a quick and easy way to manage incoming and outgoing calls from your Pebble, with some extra features and options compared to the Pebble Time’s default experience.


Pebble Radar
Radar is a fun, but somewhat versatile app that lets you see where in the world other Pebble owners are at that moment, perhaps for an impromptu dance party (or probably just bragging rights about being a fellow Pebbler.)


Timer pebble app
Timer is actually the most “liked” Pebble utility. Yes, it’s just a timer; however, with wearables, there are plenty of situations in which a timer is exactly what you need. From gauging per minute miles to timing breaks between sets, sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to make a widely useful tool.


Some drivers drift over the speed limit without noticing it — at least until the police pull their cars over. PebbSpeed is a friendly reminder while driving that you’re reaching or exceeding the speed limit for the road you’re on. It uses your smartphone’s GPS to calculate the speed.


Watchnote remains one of the most popular note-taking apps out there for tablets, PCs, and now, even your Pebble Time. This version of the app can track reminders, read notes, go over grocery lists, and carry out a host of other actions.


best apps pebble
Need your Pebble to wake you up? Alarms++ enables you to set up to 32 different alarms. You can specify the days of the week with descriptions for the alarms, set one-time alarms, and even set alarm descriptions using your voice. You can even set it so that it requires a specific key sequence to dismiss your alarm, if you find it hard to wake up in the morning.


Keeping up with important information is easy thanks to the Pebble. While the app already forwards email and text messages, some apps help take things a step further.

Cards for Pebble

Cards for Pebble
Pebble Cards is a completely customizable card system sort of like Google Now, but for your smartwatch. It offers important information and notifications based on your personal preferences.


Pebble Deliveries
Wondering where your packages are? Deliveries supports package tracking numbers from all the major parcel companies and will tell you where your package’s location, when it will arrive, and any other important information — all without digging up the tracking ID from a website.


Image used with permission by copyright holder

Everyone needs to get their Twitter fix, and for some, this is even possible from your wrist now. Pebbler will let Pebble Time owners get their latest notifications on Twitter from people they follow, or even from special customized lists of keywords or user accounts.


mario time watchface
If you want an instant communication app, then Awear is for you. Awear requires you to install a companion app on your Android phone, but doing so allows for instant two-way communication. Not only does it allow you to respond to messages, but you can also mark your SMS, emails, and Hangout messages as read. There are calendar notifications and daily weather forecasts, too.


The Pebble Time’s connection to your phone enables a number of remote control options from your smartwatch for music and more.

Music Boss

Music Boss pebble app
Music Boss is the most powerful music companion app for Android users of the Pebble Time. It supports playing your smartphone’s own music files, but it also works with Google’s cloud music service too, meaning you’ll always have something worth listening to from your smartphone.


Leaf pebbel app
As IoT-like services like smart lights and smart thermostats take over, it’s a no-brainer that there is an app for the Google Nest smart thermometer. This app can control vacation mode, set fan and cooling modes, and check up on most features available from a Nest.


Pebbel Toggles
Easily control your Android smartphone’s volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other important settings with Toggles. This app gives one-touch access to these settings, as well as a view of remaining battery life and active connections.


Leaf pebbel app
Dashboard is a brilliant app that lets you see your Android phone’s status and control different features directly on your Pebble. You can see your network’s signal strength, your phone’s battery level, and even how much free space you have left on your smartphone. There are also toggles for turning on both Wi-Fi and data, along with a handy “Find phone” feature that prompts your phone to sound off in the event you can’t locate it.

Health & Fitness

Whether it’s for keeping track of runs or the score for the game, there are tons of apps related to health and fitness activities.


Runtastic is one of the best fitness companions for Pebble Time owners who like to run. It connects to the Runtastic service you probably already know on your smartphone, adding the extra convenience of marking laps and tracking performance from your wrist.


Morph pebb appMorpheuz takes advantage of the Pebble Time’s internal accelerometer in order to track your movements while you sleep each night, revealing sleep patterns and determining the best time to wake you up for the day ahead.


121gym pebble app
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The 121Gym app is full of helpful accessories and comes programmed with more than 200 exercises. The app can also suggest exercises, track reps, and even be used as a timer between sets.


best apps pebble
Runkeeper is one of the most respected and well-known fitness apps for the Pebble. This companion app works with the app installed on your smartphone, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. With Runkeeper, you can track your runs, hikes, and more using the GPS feature baked into the Pebble.


best apps pebble
Misfit is an app that can track not only your fitness activities, but your sleep as well. You can see your fitness and sleep history, and you can set goals that suit your individual fitness level. If you’re the owner of a Pebble Time Round, then you’ll also be happy to know that this app is compatible for the latter device, so you can enjoy one of the best fitness trackers available for the Pebble.


Yes, even the tiny Pebble has games, so you can waste time without even taking out your smartphone.


Pebtris pebble app
Don’t hold the uncreative name against Pebtris. Heavy-handed jeu de mots aside, this app is the modern equivalent of the classic puzzle game with which everyone is familiar.

Tiny Bird

We all know Flappy Bird, but do you know about Tiny Bird? This miniaturized version of the game is really, really hard to play, but it’s worth taking on the challenge while waiting for your stop on the subway.

Pixel Miner

Pixel Miner pebble app
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Pixel Miner is a cute, unique game for the Pebble, now in rich colors for the new Pebble Time. This app for your smartwatch is all about mining as many pixels per second as possible, selling treasures, and killing tons of time.

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