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Dell is launching its latest in the Venue series of tablets, featuring USB Type C

dell is launching its latest in the venue series of tablets featuring usb type c 2015
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Dell has refreshed its Venue line of tablets and 2-in-1 PCs, bringing a host of new features, faster processors, and new USB Type C connectivity to the portable PC market. Now in its third year since abandoning smartphones and bringing the Venue series to the tablet world, Dell is doubling down on Windows 10 and focusing on its family of tablet devices (which also include a Dell-branded Surface Pro and Latitude 2-in-1 PC).

The Dell Venue 8 and 10 Pro both feature retail versions of Windows 10, as many would expect, and that means they feature special connectivity with Microsoft’s Continuum technology, designed to intelligently know when the device is being used as a tablet, or as a PC. This is especially helpful with the Dell Venue 10 and its keyboard accessory, which attaches to the bottom to switch seamlessly from tablet mode to PC.

Much as with Apple’s new Macbook, both devices feature a new USB Type C connector to not only power the unit, but also provide connectivity and support external monitors and other peripherals. Let’s just hope the adapter won’t cost $80 like Apple’s overpriced dongles. The Dell Venue 10 Pro will also still sport the usual micro HDMI port for connectivity, and both devices will support Dell’s soon-to-be-released Dell Dock for connectivity and other added support.

Aside from these core features, both tablets will come sporting an Intel Atom quad-core processor, up to 4GB of RAM, front and rear cameras, up to 64GB of storage with an available micro-SD slot, and full-HD displays. The devices will also support the latest Wi-Fi AC standard, Bluetooth 4.1, and even Wireless WAN if you want to insert a micro SIM for data connectivity.

All of this starts at $300 for the Venue 8 series tablet, and at $430 for the Venue 10 Pro series tablet. Depending on the features, the price might creep up, and don’t forget to get a dongle for that USB Type C connector. Still, if you’re looking for a 2-in-1 device and are not looking to spend $1,000, this remains quite a steal. No word yet on when these updated tablets will be available, but we’re expecting to see them on the shelf quite soon.

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