Want to cure your smartphone addiction? Do what this guy did — Use a BlackBerry

Even though BlackBerry still has a long road ahead of it, the Canadian company seems to be turning things around, financially speaking. Unfortunately, that didn’t prevent U.K. politician Ed Miliband from throwing some shade BlackBerry’s way during an interview with Absolute Radio.

With the General Election around the corner, Miliband was obsessed with his iPhone, constantly checking Twitter and different political commentary on the smartphone. As a way to tear his eyes away from the handset, Miliband decided to use a BlackBerry smartphone because of its “limited functionality.” Ouch.

“The good thing about a BlackBerry — I’m going to insult the BlackBerry makers now — is that it’s harder to do those things, and so it’s more limited functionality,” said Miliband.

Miliband’s comment reaffirms what the tech world already knows about the BlackBerry: It simply doesn’t have the mindshare of the general public. BlackBerry’s native app catalog pales in comparison to that of Android and iOS. Additionally, even though modern-day BlackBerry smartphones have the ability to run Android apps, they don’t always work as intended, as we found out in our BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic reviews.

Miliband also revealed his love for MLB At Bat  during the interview — He became a Boston Red Sox fan after teaching at Harvard University. However, before he completely abandons his iPhone to curb his addiction, he should probably remember that the MLB stopped supporting the service for BlackBerry devices ahead of the 2015 season.