Ultra-Specialized PDA For Online Auctions

Ultra-Specialized PDA For Online Auctions

Most handhelds promise increased productivity for whatever use their owners put them to – whether organizing grocery lists or organizing multi-million dollar business deals. The online auction company Zippi has thrown away the concept of multitasking devices to develop its latest handheld, one devoted solely to managing online auctions away from home.

On the outside, the Zippi handheld looks a lot like a regular smartphone or PDA, but its list of features and software has been totally tailored to the online seller. For instance, you won’t find a built-in barcode scanner for quickly snapping up product information on most PDAs, or software for gathering and storing signatures, either. Embedded GPS for locating people with products that need to be sold? Don’t count on it from your Blackberry.

The company works by taking the same “clutter-to-cash” formula that many stationary stores use, and making it mobile. People who want to sell their items online can call a toll-free number and have Zippi affiliates show up to their door to handle the auctioneering. The handheld is specially designed for use by Zippi affiliates.

The PDA is part of Zippi’s affiliate kit, which also includes training, sales collateral and access to Zippi services. It’s no small investment though: expect to pay $1,499 to make online auctioneering your life and livelihood.

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