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Does Verizon have a data rollover plan up its sleeve?

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Up until now, AT&T and T-Mobile have been the only U.S. carriers with data rollover programs for customers. According to an image from a Verizon test site posted by two Reddit users, however, Verizon might join the two aforementioned carriers by announcing a similar data rollover program of its own.

Reportedly called Carryover Data, the new program is similar to AT&T’s Rollover and T-Mobile’s Data Stash in that it will allow Big Red customers to use any data that was not used during the previous billing cycle. The leaked image does not say whether saved data will have an expiration date, seeing how AT&T and T-Mobile customers have one month and 12 months, respectively, to use any untouched data, though Carryover Data looks to be included with every data plan option.

Verizon will also reportedly introduce Safety Mode, which reduces the speed of your service when your monthly data allowance is almost empty. From the sounds of it, Safety Mode is meant to eliminate any fees associated with surpassing your data allowance. Based on the image, Safety Mode will be a free offer to XL and XXL customers.

For reference, the XL plan includes 12GB of data for $80 a month, while the XXL plan includes 18GB for $100 a month. Those with smaller plans can reportedly pay an extra $5 per month to access Safety Mode.

Finally, Verizon will reportedly not charge customers for voice calls from the U.S. to Canada or Mexico, as well as allow customers to access their Big Red plans while in the latter two countries. This service will be included in XL and XXL plans, while those with smaller data plans will need to shell out an additional amount.

When asked about the image and the alleged upcoming changes, a Verizon spokesperson told Cnet that the company is “going to have some fireworks next week — stay tuned.”

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