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Verizon Roadmap Reveals Faster Android Phones, Tablets, and 4G Plans

ICD Ultra Android TabletAs if stronger confirmation of an upcoming iPhone weren’t enough to get Verizon subscribers optimistic, it looks like a whole slew of new devices should be hitting the network soon. A leaked roadmap reveals plans including 4G service rolling out early next year, a new Motorola Droid device for the fall, and even a tablet running Android 3.0.

According to reports obtained by Boy Genius Report, the Android front will bring new handsets from Samsung and HTC before the year’s end, but the most exciting new prospect may be Motorola’s upcoming Droid Pro. It will come with a 4-inch screen and use a 1.3GHz processor – a higher clock speed than any smartphone available today, including Motorola’s existing Droid X and Apple’s iPhone 4. The company will also release a “slab form factor” device along the lines of the old Motorola Q, but running Android 2.2 with a full touch screen.

Samsung is apparently working on a 7-inch Android tablet for Verizon, and Motorola, a 10-incher to run Android 3.0. The latter will feature a front-facing camera, either a 1GHz or 1.3GHz processor, and likely show up in February.

As for 4G deployment, it looks like Verizon is staying the course with its earlier announced plans to roll out LTE service at the end of this year with the first devices available early next year. Specifically, Verizon will offer a Novatel LTE MiFi device in January or February, which will serve up 4G speeds for up to 10 connected Wi-Fi users. Data charges will run $59.99 monthly – though we still have no word on what smartphone users will pay for access to 4G service.

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