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Verizon Seperates the Moms from the Boys


Blue is for boys and pink is for girls—and according to Verizon the Palm Pre Plus is for moms. After the Droid’s intense advertising campaigns, which often resembled the warped coloration of scenes from Fight Club, Verizon is moving on towards a softer approach.  Verizon Wireless’ ads have been great—all the new ones featuring the coverage maps are witty and entertaining—and now there are these new Palm Pre Plus ads which may be getting a little ahead of themselves. We understand what Verizon is doing, and the commercials sure are funny, but is the wireless carrier dubbing the Pre Plus as a “mom phone?”

Since when did smartphones get assigned genders? We understand there’s a grand marketing strategy behind it, but these ads may be doing some damage to future Pre Plus purchasers. Honestly, we don’t really care, but some dude who was stoked that the Palm Pre Plus finally came to his carrier might. Come on now Verizon, don’t shun the boys away from the Pre Plus—to each their own—and if dad wants Palm’s revamped smartphone, then more power to him. Check out the commercials.

Image provided by Engadget.

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