Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Cell Phone

You do have a Ferrari right?

Just as the über-rich can count on Ferrari for extraordinary cars with extraordinary price tags, luxury phone manufacturer Vertu is always good for phones that defy most people’s needs, and budgets, to an equal degree. Perhaps that’s why the marriage of the two companies, which has succeeded in the past with a series of Ferrari-themed phones such as the 1947, has borne yet another lovely offspring: the Vertu Ascent Ti Ferrari Edition.

The Nero, Rosso and Giallo, though nearly identical dolled-up versions of the Ascent Ti, each get their own names and separate colors: black, red, and yellow, respectively. Vertu has classified the Nero a limited edition phone due to its production run of only 2,009 phones. It also gets a red sapphire “pillow” above the earpiece, while the same piece on the Rosso and Giallo are both ceramic.

Vertu Rosso
The Vertu Rosso

All the phones have muscular-looking battery covers that draw inspiration from Ferrari’s hoods, and the company’s signature Cavallino stallion insignia is (of course) emblazoned on both the front and back of the phones. Other Ferrari touches include bright leather accents on the Rosso and Giallo, a Ferrari-themed interface, and ringtones that emulate Ferrari engines.

Less exciting specs include quad-band GSM compatability, a 3-megapixel camera, 4GB of internal memory, and onboard Bluetooth. Vertu will begin selling the Ferarri phones sometime in November, though pricing has not yet been announced. Check out more at the companys website.