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Vietnamese site reveals White iPhone with new multitasking UI

iOS 4?Now that the white iPhone is just around the corner, it figures that there are fresh revelations concerning the device. A new video has popped up on Vietnamese site showing off a white iPhone – we know, this fails to be exciting anymore. But here’s the catch: The video claims the phone is the iPhone 5 and it features a new multitasking UI that allows users to switch applications in an upgraded format. Users are shown the screen in use from each open app in this new mode, and you can either tap to fully open an app of your choice, or hold down to bring up the shut down “x” option.

While we can plainly see that the phone is working with an updated multitasking function and the addition of a “Search iPhone” option, we doubt it’s actually the iPhone 5. It’s more likely that it’s the iPhone 4 being used to demo iOS 4. You can see in the video the Touch Fighter app, which Apple has used before to introduce new software features.

Various fan blogs and publications claim that this site has a reputation for leaking accurate Apple news, so it’s quite possible we’re getting an early look at iOS 4 (another video on the site even says this first one is demonstrating a prototype version, 8A216 of iOS 4). Just for some background, 9to5Mac points out that was the first to reveal the iPhone 4 photos, the MacBook refresh, and the iPod touch with camera. Check out the videos below for yourself.

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