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Vtech Star Wars Watch and Stormtrooper Camera: Our first take

We spent way too long playing with Vtech's new Star Wars watch and camera for kids

Kids get to have all the fun! These smart Star Wars toys made us want adult versions for ourselves.

Another year, another Star Wars movie, which means plenty of new Star Wars merchandise will be released between now and the release of The Last Jedi’. It’s not all collectibles or spurious branding exercises, as these two cool new products from kids-tech company Vtech prove. We tried out the new Star Wars Watch and Star Wars Stormtrooper camera, and conclude they’re just the thing for any young Star Wars fan.

The watch comes in either BB8 or First Order trooper color schemes with matching straps, and although isn’t an actual smartwatch — it doesn’t connect to your phone or have GPS tracking for your kids — it does come with some cool features. The most notable is a camera, that not only takes photos, but video, too. No, it’s not going to challenge the one on your phone, but it’s not meant to. This is for fun. The screen is touch operated, and there is a menu button on the side of the device, making switching modes simple.

While the watch is fun, the camera is even better.

You can play games on the small screen, plus it has a built-in accelerometer that plays a lightsaber sound effect with every sweep of your arm. The volume isn’t irritatingly loud, which will please parents, but probably not kids. A swipe across the screen changes the watch face, and a tap changes the background. Like many other Star Wars products, even the packaging looks great.

You can see in the photos I’m wearing the watch, and am definitely not the target age group, but it’s still pretty large, and I could easily control the touchscreen. Now, I’m not suggesting many adults will wear it (there will be some, obviously), but just be aware it’s a large watch and may be pretty big on kids’ wrists.

Stormtrooper camera

However, while the watch is fun, the camera is even better. Chunky grips on either side of the small screen mean even little hands will find it easy to hold, while the tough body should resist a few accidental drops. It takes photos and video with the 2-megapixel sensor, and the results are shown in the display. However, it’s the augmented reality games that make the camera way more fun than the watch.

There are several, but we loved the fighter battle, where AR Imperial ships appear on the screen, ready to be shot down. The sound effects are spot on, the game’s not too difficult, and the buttons are large and easy to press. We spent way too long “testing” the game, and have the feeling young Star Wars fans will do exactly the same.

Vtech will put both the watch and the camera on sale after July this year, and while it expects the watch to be sold in the U.K. and the U.S., the camera is sadly not going to be released in the U.S. at this time. The watch will cost around $60, or about 50 British pounds, the same price as the Stormtrooper camera.


  • Camera AR games are fun
  • The watch has an unusual camera feature
  • Plenty of Star Wars fun


  • Camera isn’t scheduled for U.S. release
  • No version for adults

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