Was Google’s Nexus One a Flop?

google-nexus-one-comboThere is always an initial risk when an individual buys a device for the first time. There is some kind of joy or satisfaction for a person to be the first to buy a new device. Nevertheless, one something goes wrong with the device the first people to buy are the ones left annoyed and angered because the device is not doing what it suppose to be doing.

This is what is happening with early adopters of the Nexus One people are reporting issues with the 3G service. According to Google’s public forum, Nexus One is switching from 2G to 3G networks which in turn this is not allowing customers to use their data service reliably.

Google appears to be only accepting e-mails and they claim to reply in one or two days – far too long, states people who are complaining online. An angry consumer on the Google Nexus forum said, “I cannot believe Google could sell such half-baked device.” One dismayed user stated, “I was leaning towards the Nexus but with the lack of customer service and the 3G issues along with everything else I am leaning towards the iPhone right now. Google needs to keep the public informed on what you are doing to resolve these issues.”

Meanwhile Google, HTC and T mobile are enjoying playing the blame game to figure out the guilty party. While customers are reporting up three days for replies by email and plus the steep price tag for the Nexus One either locked or unlocked. Hopefully, the Nexus One does not turn out to be a misstep for Google. However, Google appears to be acknowledging the issue. Google Android lead Andy Rubin admitted in an interview at CES, “We have to get better at customer service.”