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You can now use AI to improve your golf or baseball swing thanks to Zepp

zepp visual computing mike trout smart bat
Practice may or may not make perfect, but technology might be able to substitute for talent. That is, if Zepp has anything to do with it. The digital sports training device maker has introduced a new tool it calls Visual Computing, which promises to help users “take advantage of artificial intelligence technology” in order to better analyze a golf or baseball swing, or a basketball shot. Because why hire a coach when you can just pull out your smartphone?

The technology depends on your smart device’s camera to record a swing or a shot, and once this data is recorded, you can highlight various aspects of your technique. Want to take a closer look at the moment of impact? Zepp’s Visual Computing will automatically detect that for you. Want to slow down your motions? Zepp can help with that, too. You can even create a video of your basketball shot motion and how you score. With Zepp, you’ll be able to download footage alongside analysis, and share this information with friends, family, a trainer, or even a recruiter.

Zepp, which first burst onto the sports scene five years ago, has since attracted millions of users of all different skill levels. And with those users has come a treasure trove of swing data, which Zepp notes has helped develop its newest Visual Computing platform. Indeed, this latest tool combines video and data, thereby allowing Zepp to provide its users with more actionable information that helps them improve. As the company notes, Visual Computing ought to help athletes “easily evaluate their mechanics and make meaningful adjustments that will serve them in competition.”

So if you’re looking to level up your game, you might consider giving Zepp and its artificial intelligence tool a test drive. You never know what you might learn.

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