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Top Tech Gifts For The Holidays

Discover the perfect Mother’s Day gift with our curated guide featuring the latest in tech and beyond. From gadgets like the Oura Ring and a smart herb garden, to classics like retro digital camera and digital readers, find something she’ll love!



Deebot X2 Omni

Featuring: impressive suction and vacuuming; retractable mopping pads with 15 mm; self-emptying and cleaning; sleek, square design.



Discover 1 E-Bike Cruiser & Commuter

A great choice if you’re looking to buy your first e-bike, with an emphasis on comfort and accessibility via geometry that supports an upright riding posture and low step-through frame.

Nimble Wireless Charger


Wireless Charger

It seems every new gadget feeds a whole new suite of new plastic accessories. Break the cycle with Nimble, whose chargers, cables, and cases are made from recycled materials.

Ecobee Smart Theromostat


Smart Thermostat

Don’t crank the heat, get a smart thermostat. It can control your home’s climate while also reducing energy consumption. We like Ecobee, but there are many good ones out there.

Oura Ring



More than just a fitness tracker, this stylish ring analyzes dozens of different biosignals to make advanced recommenations about your health and wellness.

Fujifilm X100VI Digital Camera


X100VI Digital Camera

Whether mom was raised an analog or digital gal, she’ll love the latest generation of Fuji’s beloved rangefinder, which packs a 40.2 MP sensor and IBIS in a retro form factor.

Dyson 360 Vis Nav Vacuum


360 Vis Nav Vacuum

Dyson finally entered the robot vacuum space with their impressive 360 Vis Nav—a stylish and futuristic take an increasingly ubiquitous appliance.

Ember Mug 2


Mug 2

This self-heating smart mug maintains the perfect drinking temperature for a cup of coffee or tea and comes in 10 colors, including several stylish metallic editions.

Click & Grow: The Smart Garden 3

Click & Grow

The Smart Garden 3

Green thumb or no, mom can grow the perfect herb garden with the help of this smart planter, which automatically provides water, light, and nutrients to presupplied plant pods.

JBL Reflect Aero TWS


Reflect Aero TWS

These airbuds are great for runners and other athletes, with an excellent IP68 resistance rating, active noice cancelling, an 8-hour battery, and more.

Courant Mag:3



Most phone stands are hunks of black steel. This linen and metal option can simultaneously charge an iPhone and AirPods. The Mag:3 offers the same functionality in a leather tray form.

Peloton Row



Rowing is low impact and easy on joints, while using nearly half the muscles in your body. Peloton’s rower offers classes, personalization, and form assist.

Apple Watch Series 9


Watch Series 9

In gold-tone finish with a Milanese Loop bracelet, the latest Apple Watches see the utilitarian wrist tool take on a chic new form.

Amazon Kindle Scribe


Kindle Scribe

In the world of digital readers, Amazon still reigns supreme. The Kindle Scribe adds writing functionality to the impressive e-ink display.

GE Profile Smart Mixer


Profile Smart Mixer

Baking becomes a piece of cake with this smart mixer. It features a built-in scale, guided recipes, and Auto Sense, which adapts to changes in texture and viscosity.

Therabody TheraFace Mask


TheraFace Mask

This FDA-cleared mask by the makers of the Theragun uses infrared LED lights and vibrations to tone skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkes.