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Aaron Sorkin addresses controversy about Steve Jobs film on Conan

Aaron Sorkin On The "Steve Jobs" Controversy - CONAN on TBS
Discussed during an appearance on Conan this week, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin explained his earlier spat between Apple CEO Tim Cook regarding the portrayal of the late Steve Jobs within the new film from Sorkin and director Danny Boyle. After Tim Cook appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and called filmmakers opportunistic for making films about Steve Jobs, Sorkin responded by calling the film a “labor of love.”

Of course, Sorkin also went on to jab back at Cook by calling Apple’s practice of using a Chinese labor force opportunistic. However, Sorkin apologized for that comment the following day, specifically recognizing the deep friendship between Cook and Jobs. He also cracked a joke about Apple employees hacking his computer as retaliation for the comment or perhaps just for making the film about the late Apple CEO.

It’s also possible that Sorkin was encouraged to make nice with Apple and CEO Tim Cook by Universal, if only to appease millions of Apple fans that may or may not go see the movie in theaters this weekend. However, the controversy between Apple and Sorkin certainly hasn’t impacted the critical reception of the film. Steve Jobs is getting very positive feedback with a current Rotten Tomato rating trending above the 90 percent mark.

Sorkin also appeared on the The Daily Show With Trevor Noah earlier this week and briefly mentioned the controversy. He also mentioned how integral the contribution of Lisa Brennan-Jobs was to creating the film. Sorkin mentioned that Lisa helped him get past Steve Jobs public treatment of his daughter, namely denying paternity even after a DNA test proved he was her father. Sorkin mentioned that Lisa was able to describe her relationship with her father in a way that helped him better understand Jobs.

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