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Apple TV+ drops the first teaser for comedy thriller Sharper

It’s never too early to begin promoting next year’s movies. And Apple TV+ is getting a head start with its new comedy thriller, Sharper. The first teaser for the film doesn’t really tell us much of anything about it. Instead, it relies on the star power of its five leading cast members, only three of whom actually speak in the video. This is more about setting the mood than anything else, even though plot information is withheld as if it was a state secret.


Julianne Moore’s character is the one who says “if they’re not looking for you, they don’t see you,” while Sebastian Stan’s character adds that “you can’t cheat an honest man.”  Justice Smith and Briana Middleton are only briefly shown, but they don’t get a chance to offer any lines. Instead, it’s John Lithgow’s voice that closes the teaser with some sage advice: “If you’re gonna steal, steal a lot.”

That doesn’t exactly tell us what to expect, although the “bad boy” expression that Stan strikes at the end says a lot about who he’s playing. Perhaps he’s the one listening to the words of Lithgow’s character.

Sebastian Stan in Sharper.

Apple TV+’s synopsis for the film is not very descriptive at all, but it is all we have to go on at the moment.

Sharper unfolds within the secrets of New York City, from the penthouses of Fifth Avenue to the shadowy corners of Queens. Motivations are suspect and expectations are turned upside down when nothing is as it seems.”

Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka wrote the script for Sharper, which landed a place on The Black List in 2020. Benjamin Caron directed the film, which will premiere on Apple TV+ on February 17, 2023.

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