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Celebrate 20 seasons of ‘South Park’ with our 15 favorite episodes

Editor’s note: South Park is full of inappropriate jokes and language, some of which is guaranteed to be offensive. As the show itself warns, this content “should not be viewed by anyone.”

As South Park nears an incredible 20 years of crude, animated humor, we can’t help but look back and appreciate the show’s unique blend of timely satire and purposely inappropriate jokes. Each year creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker return with timely material (largely written by Parker) as only they can deliver (see 6 Days to Air to find out why), cleverly skewering celebrities, pop culture, and everything else under the sun.

The nature of South Park makes it difficult to identify the “best” episodes — ask 10 fans which episode is their favorite and you might get 10 different answers. So, instead, we’ve decided to present the 15 episodes that we consider to be the most memorable. Whether it’s building a storyline that persists through the series (like The Coon) or simply making some incisive — and hilarious — commentary about a popular fad (like Chinpokomon), each of these episodes truly embodies the ridiculous brilliance that is South Park.

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