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J.J. Abrams will produce Stephen King’s Billy Summers for TV

It’s already been a good week for Stephen King, with an adaptation of his short story The Boogeyman landing a movie order from Hulu. Now, Deadline is reporting that King’s 2021 crime novel, Billy Summers, will be produced as a miniseries by J.J. Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot.

Additionally, Bad Robot has lined up screenwriters Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz to adapt Billy Summers, with Zwick also set up to direct the miniseries. According to Deadline, the miniseries will only run six to 10 episodes, and it will be shopped to streaming services and premium cable networks.

Abrams and King have previously collaborated on adaptations of 11.22.63 and Castle Rock on Hulu, as well as Lisey’s Story for Apple TV+. Theoretically, that could make Hulu and Apple TV+ the front-runners for this project. However, King’s projects tend to draw a lot of interest from Hollywood, and other outlets will likely be in play.

The cover of Stephen King's Billy Summers.

King’s novel was published in August 2021 and follows the title character as he attempts to find an exit from his life of crime. For years, Billy has made his reputation as one of the most effective hitmen in the business. Before Billy can make other arrangements, he is offered an assignment to take out another hitman, Joel Allen, after he is arrested for killing two people during a poker game. And if Billy takes the job, he will be financially set for life.

Unfortunately for Billy, his misgivings about the contract prove to be correct when he ends up being marked for death as well — the mob was afraid that Joel would rat them out. But they will have more to fear from Billy once he realizes that he has been betrayed.

Deadline also notes that a deal for Billy Summers may come together quickly.

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