Cowboys & Aliens new trailer packs more old west action


There are too many alien invasion movies coming out this year, but at least one of them balances things out with a little western flair. A new short trailer for Cowboys & Aliens debuted during the Super Bowl last night, showing a lot more alien spaceships and a lot more horses and saloons getting blown to pieces. Check it out below.

Cowboys & Aliens is directed by Jon Favreau, best known for heading up the first two Iron Man films and Will Ferrell’s Elf, and based on a 2006 graphic novel. The famous faces you see are Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde, and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. Craig plays an alien messenger of some kind who sides with a group of cowboys after aliens come to take over the world, beginning with Arizona. Why aliens chose 1873 to take over the world, we do not know.

What we’re most excited about: seeing Harrison Ford get back in the spirit and have some fun. The film hits theaters July 29.

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