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Watch the hilarious debut music video from Daily Show character Black Trump

Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show, like most comedy shows that focus on real-world events, has gotten plenty of comedic mileage out of Donald Trump’s run for president so far. But it wouldn’t be election season if the show couldn’t keep coming up with new and exciting ways to make fun of the billionaire, and the show’s latest strike at the republican candidate from New York is perhaps its most hilarious yet.

The Daily Show writers, with the help of correspondents Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper, have created a parody music video for a song called They Love Me, which was released by a new headpiece-wearing character they call Black Trump (Wood Jr.) on last night’s episode. The track, which features golf attire, plenty of money, and lyrics that are all actual Donald Trump quotes, is an amusing parody of the would-be world leader.

The focus of the video is clearly the Trump-touted lyrics, which are impossible to miss as they float by in yellow text at the bottom of the screen.

Highlights include such wisdom from the presidential candidate as, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her,” and “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking a Diet Coke,” among other more political (and politically incorrect) remarks.

To be honest, almost every quote chosen by The Daily Show would actually work as a real-life rap lyric. And, as one YouTube commenter was quick to point out, many of Trump’s outlandish public thoughts would actually sound better — and perhaps make more sense — as rap songs.

“It’s true. It’s been scientifically proven that any s*** Trump says would sound  better with a dope beat,” wrote user jasobres of the new music video.

Black Trump will probably reappear on The Daily Show in the future, as the show has already created a website and social media accounts for the character. And given how perfectly executed this first attempt was, we can’t wait to see what the show’s writers think up next. In the meantime, the character’s new Twitter feed is already featuring some pretty funny commentary.

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