Google Search Now Scours Facebook for Real-Time Results

google search now scours facebook for real time resultsGoogle’s ever-scrolling bar of up-to-the-second search results from the likes of Twitter and MySpace will now include one more major player, after the search company cinched a deal with Facebook. Appropriately enough, Google announced it through its official Twitter account on Wednesday.

Unlike Google’s deal with MySpace, which aggregates public status updates from individuals, Google is only able to index Facebook Pages – typically public fronts for businesses, organizations, and groups, rather than people. That will give Google access to about 3 million pages, while the verboten user profiles represent a whopping 400 million. Additionally, only posts from administrators of the groups will be public – replies from users will remain out of Google’s grasp.

As Search Engine Land points out, Microsoft – an investor in Facebook – technically has access to both public personal feeds and those from Pages, but has yet to actually implement them in Bing.